Caring for Snake Plants

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Caring for Snake Plants

Snake plants go by many names. I purchased my snake plant from The Sill where they are fancifully referred to as Snake Laurentii, though a quick google shows a number of less than fancy or kind references for our most iniquitous friend. 

Heavily popularized after NASA’s clean air study released (dubious) research many have interpreted as a gold star for the air cleaning abilities, Snake Plants nonetheless are a houseplant addict staple. Owning a Snake Plant is kind of like owning a cat- if you provide the bare minimum it will take care of itself, and anything more than the minimum is harmful. And that is largely because they are actually oversized succulents. 

Basic Information:
Water: Minimal- Once every two weeks 
Light: Moderate is ideal, but can really thrive in darker environments as well
Growing Potential: Very large- Can reach 8ft tall
Propagation: Easy

Touching on water and light first because these are the two that can actually kill your plant, but not in the way that you would think. Snake plants, like most houseplants, are vulnerable to over watering and the ensuing fungus that that can cause, so it is important to limit watering to weekly or biweekly, depending on how dry the soil is. In terms of how large a Snake Plant can grow, that is wholly dependent on receiving the right mixture of light and water. If you do not want a plant to grow over six feet tall, then darker corners are probably a better bet than the optimal setting of moderate light, but be sure to upgrade the size of the pot every couple of years (but not more than every couple of years!). 

If you do overwater your plant, propagating Snake Plants is very easy, though it does take over a week to start developing visible root structures. 

Snake Plants are one of the best house plants for any urban gardener, and, now that I live in Miami Beach, I see them everywhere outside. While not as dainty and delicate as ferns or flowers, Snake Plants can truly act as strong staples of a living room and, whether NASA’s clean air study is as applicable to the real world as many have interpreted, is definitely a healthy addition to a household.

On a personal level, my snake plant is my favorite plant. It isn’t picky about the sun that it is facing and is relatively slow growing, which has been really satisfying.


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