Plant Styling: Minimalist Neutral

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The traditional goal of plant styling is for a space to have a singular, cohesive feeling to it where plants are contributing, but not dominating the aesthetic. The plants are meant to frame the greater aesthetic, not override it. Prolific plant stylists, such as Hilton Carter, are turning this concept on it’s head, but I wanted to style a room in the traditional sense, where plants are acting as accents.

Minimalist Neutral Palette

When approaching the space, the goal was to utilize a subdued pallet like above, incorporating open space and light colors so that the colors of the plants can really shine. To that end, while rooms normally benefit from a statement plant, such as a large monstera, I chose to rely on succulents, a snake plant and hanging plants.

Plant Styling: Themes for the space:

  • Utilizing hanging macrame planters: I do find that many plant lovers have a tendency to fully utilize their floor and surfaces when incorporating plants into spaces, and so I wanted to explore incorporating outdoor hanging flower hooks into the closet. Closets tend to be un-utilized space, and were necessary in order to break up the amount of white and white space that existed in the room.
  • Utilizing a variety of different planters: While the planters remain understated and muted, they vary between speckled, grey, white and clear. The variety creates dimension and is important in order for the room to remain minimalist and quaint, instead of sanitized and hospital-like.
  • Urban: Small, minimalist spaces tend to be in urban environments where open areas are preferred and walls can’t be nailed. This was factored into how plants were incorporated into this space, which is using the closet spaces instead of more in vogue options such as nailed propagation stations.