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Urban Gardening and Houseplants: About Me

Carissa Gallo
Carissa Gallo

A lifelong gardener, Carissa is passionate about urban gardening, houseplants, urban farming, vertical farming and native plants. Raised in a small, New England town, Carissa has managed to grow some of her own food living in apartments and townhouses in NYC, Miami and the PNW.

Carissa lives in Seattle and has been a product manager for 10 years, working at companies like Meta and Goldman Sachs after getting her masters degree in finance from Fordham University.

My Urban Gardening/ Plant Projects

I’m usually working on a number of projects which I cover in my blog entries, but below are a few higher level urban gardening, native plant and houseplant projects that I am working on. If you are wanting to collaborate on a plant related project, please feel free to reach out through my LinkedIn profile below!


Get in touch and let’s connect if we share any similar interests around urban gardening, houseplants, native plants or projects!

Urban Plant Project ↗

Nonprofit aiming to bring urban gardening and farming to public and private urban areas across the country.

My Book ↗

Get to know information on presale and support the cause! Aiming to release in 2024.

My Houseplant Store ↗

My Etsy store where I sell extra cuttings off of my houseplants.

My Plant Social Media

Instagram is my primary social media account where I post photos mainly of new happenings with my plants and occasionally views from hikes and projects. Feel free to follow and also let me know if you know of content that I should be following as well (I am usually extraordinarily behind the curve on these things!). If you’d really like to stay in touch, please subscribe below to my newsletter, where every few months I send out highlights, giveaways and raise awareness of organizations and experiences that could be of interest to someone with an interest in plants and ecology.

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